These keep me going when I do not have time or am too stressed to sit down and eat. I have had many long days that were made better because I was not #hangry. 🙂 Svelte® keeps me happy. — Emily G.

Finally a shake with no dairy and no creepy fake sugars!!! I love the cappuccino, chocolate and vanilla. Thank you!!!!! — Bethany T. (Connecticut)

I love the way it taste!!! Being a mother of two young children I forget to eat sometimes and Svelte® shakes truly save me to fuel and nourish my body. I get my daily protein and fiber. I love that it's organic and gluten free. I'm so happy I found these shakes! — Stephanie L.

First time ever drinking a tasty vegan protein shake! With my busy schedule I tend to forget to eat at times. These drinks are perfect meal replacements and are great for working out! — Marlene R. (Texas)

By far, the best protein drink I've ever had. EVER. I seriously love Svelte®!!!! I even make Popsicles with it, use it in my coffee as creamer, & use it when I'm making chia seed pudding. My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves Svelte®, too. I add a few tablespoons to the unsweetened almond (hemp or cashew) milk in her cup. It's also really convenient to take on-the-go. My husband has a very demanding job & this keeps him going until he can sneak out for lunch. Added bonus points for being low sugar & Vegan. (We are a Vegan family.) Thanks for being so awesome, Svelte®!!! — Kristin K.

The cappuccino is my favorite flavor. It is absolutely delicious. I usually drink it and eat a handful of almonds and a banana for breakfast. It is so convenient, satisfying and curbs my hunger for hours. — Joyce and David T. (Virginia)

Svelte® is light on my stomach, keeps me energized and tastes amazing! Great product! — Monique B. (California)

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