Hello Beautiful Blog | Svelte Plant-Based Protein ShakesWe set goals each year, even if not officially. Once the holiday bustle subsides it feels necessary to get back into a routine — and maybe even start some new healthy habits. To eat better, to move more, to save money. Whatever goals you have, approaching them with a positive attitude will make all the difference! Especially when faced with challenges or setbacks. Focus on finding affirmations that align with your goals and repeat them frequently. Looking for a little inspiration?

Hello Strong

Movement is medicine. Add more physical activity into your routine to increase energy and health. Start your day with simple movements like stretching in bed. Welcome new fitness opportunities to work unused muscles and extend your comfort zone. Don’t forget to appreciate the body you have — it’s strength and abilities.

Hello Creative

Creativity is key. Allow yourself time to relax and be creative. This isn’t a session to stress about your lack of inspiration, but a time to reflect and feel relief. Sketch a picture, draw a bath, read, meditate… whatever jives with your current mood. Try utilizing essential oils or candles to enhance your experience.

Hello Mindful

Live with purpose. What you do in any given day affects those around you. Work to make positive connections and strive to better the planet. Be kind and help others. Look to reduce waste and make thoughtful purchases. Whatever your priorities, be mindful in your actions and present in conversation.

Hello Wholesome

Wholesome living heals. Make your health a priority. Plan meals and eat well. Don’t just consume foods because they are healthy, find foods you also enjoy! Increase your water intake and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to sleep — one in three Americans don’t snooze enough causing junk food cravings and low energy.

Hello Beautiful

Love yourself. Take care of yourself. You know if you feel fit or if you’ve been slacking. Aim to reach a place where you are both happy and healthy. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you need a rest day. But don’t cheat yourself either! Hard work pays off.

When you work hard, don’t forget to reward yourself! Refuel with Svelte® organic protein shakes for a delicious, low-sugar treat. Each bottle contains 11 grams of plant-based protein, 20% of your daily-recommended fiber and just 6 grams of sugar.

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