Svelte Cookbook | Svelte Plant-Based Protein ShakesGet ready for a whole lot of deliciousness! Fans love the smooth and creamy taste of Svelte® organic protein shakes. Not only do Svelte® shakes taste delicious, they are filled with organic nutrients to fuel your day. Available in five delicious flavors including Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino, Spiced Chai, and Banana Crème. Each 11-ounce bottle contains:

  • 11 grams of non-GMO soy protein
  • 50% daily value (DV) vitamin B12
  • 40% DV riboflavin, or vitamin B2
  • 35% DV calcium
  • 30% DV vitamin D
  • 25% DV vitamin E
  • 20% DV fiber
  • Organic inulin — a prebiotic
  • Just 6 grams of sugar — low-glycemic

Svelte® protein shakes are shelf-stable, meaning no refrigeration is required prior to opening. This makes them the perfect fuel on-the-go! While delicious on their own, Svelte® shakes also make a great base in smoothies and dairy-free replacement for milk in recipes. Using Svelte® in your food prep can add nutrients and flavor to your favorite dishes.

We have a bunch of Svelte® recipes we love — including drinks, snacks, meals, and desserts! Check out some of our favorites in this handy e-cookbook:

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