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Summer Workouts | Svelte Protein ShakesIt’s getting hot out there! Sure, you could opt for the air conditioned bubble of your normal gym. Sometimes that’s exactly what sounds best rather than sweating it out under the sun. But when you’re up for a little adventure and want to workout al fresco without burning to a crisp, these five workouts will help keep you cool while getting your sweat on.

Beach volleyball

Nothing says summer like a volleyball match. It’s a super-fun way to get a workout in without compromising your social life. Read up on one of volleyball’s fiercest athletes to get inspired and organize a match with your pals. You might have so much fun you don’t realize what a good workout you’re getting. Plus, you can always cool off by running into the ocean “Baywatch” style between games. No ocean nearby? A grassy backyard with a pool is just as nice. Serve!

Escape to the forest

Even on a sweltering summer day, the shade of the forest provides a much cooler environment for feeling the burn — in your muscles rather than on your skin, that is. Pick a shaded hike with a good mix of flat and steep terrain to keep your heartrate up. While you’re at it, make sure to stop and enjoy the beautiful views. Just remember to stay hydrated and pack a healthy snack.

Splash in the sun

Don’t underestimate the fun cardio of a great swim. Enroll in a water aerobics class, swim laps, or get into a game of swimming pool basketball with your friends. The resistance provided by aquatic exercise is great for burning calories, and swimming is easy on your joints as well. Just slather on the waterproof sunscreen and cannonball your way to summer fitness.

Row your boat

Standup paddleboarding seems to be having a moment, and this fitness trend does amazing things for upper body strength and core stability. If standing on a floating raft isn’t your thing, try canoeing or kayaking instead. Being close to the water means a swim break is never too far out of reach. This also makes for a great group outing. Strap on your life vests and give it a try!

Get your hands dirty

Another great way to beat the heat is to wake up early and do your workout before the hottest part of the day. This could mean a morning jog or yoga routine, but another fun way to mix it up is to get your hands dirty with some early morning gardening or landscaping. If you don’t have a bountiful plot of flowers or veggies in your own front yard, you can sign up for shifts at community gardens or volunteer your time to plant some trees. It’s a great way to meet new people, do good work for your neighborhood, and build those gardening muscles in the process.

Whew! Did all of these summer workouts leave you parched? Make sure to stay hydrated and fuel up with the best high-protein nutrition by keeping the fridge stocked with your favorite Svelte flavor. With 20 percent of your daily fiber needs and only six grams of sugar, Svelte will keep you going strong all summer long.

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat and still get a great workout? Join the Svelte community on our Pinterest page and get inspired!

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